Moringa Core 3 Final week

Article by Nancy Momanyi

Graduation pic

Graduation is coming up, and such a momentous occasion calls for reflection.  Betty who is one of the students from the graduating class says 6 months ago she had no idea how the Moringa School experience was going to be. Here she was, fresh out of campus about to undertake a coding boot camp with no idea of what to expect. 6 months down the line, she can comfortably state that it has been one of the best decisions she has ever made!
At Moringa,  she learnt more than just programming . She learnt how to be part of a team, to take part in building something awesome through combined efforts, interacting with other developers on both a professional and personal level and to grow her developer skills as well as interpersonal skills.
It has been a truly wonderful experience that I’d recommend to anyone, she says.

Andrew who is excited to finally achieve his dream of being a software developer says his experience in Moringa has been exhilarating, having gone through university in Kenya he says this has been a great stepping stone towards joining the employment world. The technical training in Moringa has provided him with sufficient confidence in his skills to take on any technical challenge. He has greatly improved his interpersonal skills which is often a challenge to developers. He would highly recommend the program to anyone looking for a career in tech.

newton 2

Newton who is the class representative of the class says he looks back on the past five months and is left with nothing but wonder. Wonder at how much he has grown. Not only has he advanced his knowledge in programming but he has learnt to become a problem solver. For his final project he is working on developing a software called Kid zone. This is a software that is used to teach kids how to program. It has a built in text editor and a very basic curriculum that is easy for young children to be able to learn how to code.

Our last interview was with Dennis who joined Moringa School with a dream of becoming Kenya’s best Software Developer. He says that he hopes to join Andela after completing the program.  He mentions that the best part about Moringa is that he not only learnt how to become a good programmer but also got a chance to work with the brightest minds. Moringa School is vibrant, humongous and diverse. Both the students and the staff are working to make it a top-ranked developer institution . Its located in the heart of Nairobi and offers endless opportunities to experience different cultures.

Through these interviews we got to learn that all the students in the class acknowledge that their technical mentors have played a big role in getting them this far. We as the Moringa School community are so proud of them and wish them the best in their journey.


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