Graduation Lessons

By Nancy Momanyi,

Moringa School Staff

IMG_0334The Moringa community is definitely different from any normal school environment. It does not only provide growth for the students but for the entire society as well. What sets it apart from anywhere else is the diverse culture that both the students and the staff come from. Everyone feels accepted from the first day and you can not easily tell the difference between a student and a technical mentor. Technical mentors are there to guide the students through the course work.

This past week as the Moringa Prep Students were headed for their graduation we took the time to ask a few students and technical mentors what they thought of the five week program. The kind of responses I got gave me a different perspective to the entire program. Esther from the class pointed out the best thing she had gotten from the whole program is the art of becoming an Autodidact.  An autodidact is someone who learns something in a particular field without the benefit of formal education.

This particular student captured my attention because I had always wondered why so many people in the tech industry prefer not to go through formal learning methods. She mentioned that at Moringa School she had managed to learn various programming concepts in a very short period of time because of the self learning approach were they taught themselves new concepts and worked with their peers to solve projects that they were given. The Moringa Prep program taught her that even without having a formal classroom environment she could learn about any subject matter within a very short period of time.

Philip Weru pointed out that peer learning is a skill that he intended to use later in his programming career. The program taught him that although he was an independent learner he would need help from team mates if he was to get tasks done on time. He learnt how to troubleshoot various coding problems and use platforms like stack overflow to see if other programmers had experienced similar problems. Stalk overflow is a platform where you can ask any tech related question mostly about programming and get various solutions from different programmers.

The last person that was interviewed was Moses Okemwa, a technical mentor who mentioned that the main thing that he has learnt being at Moringa school is the importance of community. He even mentioned about how they recently had a talk on diversity and inclusion. The Moringa school community generally encourages everyone to treat others with respect even if they are different from you which is clearly seen in by how the students and staff interact with each other.

It might have been the end of the program for the Moringa prep students but it definitely was not the end their journey. This program was an eye opener for most of them who learnt how to self learn and use their skills to solve real life problems.


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