An Environment to Shine!

Kenn Muguna

To this day, I still remember how it was arriving at Moringa School’s Ngong Lane Office suite on that first Tuesday morning. I had tried my best to get there as early as I could, and from the look of things, my timing wasn’t that bad. Walking in, I caught a glimpse of a lady I later came to know as Rose, doing her best to tidy up space and get it ready for day one. It had been such a long wait since I registered for this first class, and as soon as I got that acceptance email back, I kept imagining how the first day would turn out. As soon as Rose saw me, she ran towards, and with a welcoming smile, offered a list of names & implored that I append my signature next to mine. Later on, I found out that this would be something I’d have to be doing each morning for the next 23 weeks I’d be here.

As mentioned on their website, Moringa school is something that you’ve most likely never experienced before. Everything is different. I, for one, found the flipped classroom setup to be very, very interesting. You see, you’re expected to go through high-quality content that’ll put you on par with what other developers are learning in other parts of the globe. You’re also allowed to go through it at your pace, and it is content that will always be available to you at home, school or your office to go through at your will.

If you’re genuinely thinking about enrolling for the next class, I might as well be real with you and admit; you’ll need some real willpower to get through this especially if you’ve never really had any experience with programming before. If this sounds like you, don’t fret. The prevailing culture here allows you to seek out help from anyone you think might have a better grasp on what you’re trying to understand. The technical mentors here are also quite friendly, and more than eager to see you through.

There’s something about going through challenges as a group that brings people closer together. I say so because, the friends I’ve made here are friends whom we’ve had to keep up with deadlines, project requirements, errors and so much more, with everyone trying to make sure that no-one gets left behind. If you’re an introvert, or you’re not that good at being social, don’t worry. The atmosphere here will make you comfortable enough to be yourself, and this will allow you to work towards achieving your highest potential.

As I write this, we’re in week 19, and about to start off work on our final projects. We have about four weeks to build something from scratch, and whatever we create is meant to showcase the skills we’ve acquired over our stay here. The mere thought of this is both humbling, as it is exciting because we can’t wait to finish the course and get back out there; back to the world.

If you’re keen on starting up a career in tech, Moringa School is by far your best option, but only if you have the discipline and self-drive to see yourself through.

See you on the other side.



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