Yoga and IT

Copy of Newton KamauBy Newton Kamau, Moringa Core Student

I love bringing the experience of yoga to programmers. As a developer and yoga teacher, I find many parallels between the journeys of coding and yoga.

For starters, my first yoga class was a whole new experience, the teacher would call out yoga poses, and I had no idea what it meant or how to even do it, so the best I could complain the minute I got into the pose. My first day at Moringa I remember the teacher talking about things that were so new to me. Github, reports and such like words scared me for the better part of the first week.

As a Yoga teacher, I believe the way I show up on the mat reflects how I show up off the mat, despite the struggle of catching up with the content and working on the independent projects. Yoga is always challenging and demanding; This is in terms of efforts and concentration, same thing and remembering the phrase “where your eyes go, your energy flows” it guided me to stay focused.

The way Moringa School teach was a new experience learning new concepts weekly and applying it on our IP was just like going to an advanced yoga class, learning a new pose and practising it through till  I am able to teach it to my students. The moment I started to grasp a few things here and there, I was able to flow with the content just like mastering the yoga sequence and knowing how to do things on my own.

As yoga is about community, at Moringa the same applies through what is called “forced interactions” though officially it’s pair programming where you work with your partner. It will help you come to an understanding as you may be better or worse than your partner just like you will find in a yoga class. I have been able to work with people at different levels and abilities and the dynamic way people handle their businesses so as to say.

A yoga teacher is there to guide you get in and out of the pose while you do all the work and sweat it all out. Unlike other learning institutions, where we have a teacher walk in and give you “theories”, at Moringa the same applies in that there are technical mentors who help and guide you through what you should cover while you learn how to work almost on your own.


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