By Sandra Mukidza

Moringa School announces its global expansion into Hong Kong in partnership with Accelerate. Moringa’s growth is sparked by the demand for practical software skills within the global tech ecosystem which has accelerated through time. Over the years, coding schools have seen fortification of academic and occupational programs. This has seen a rapid sprout of coding schools in many parts of the world that aim to bridge that gap between what is taught in colleges vs what employers are actually looking for, ultimately preparing more suitable candidates for the job market within the tech industry. 


With Moringa School’s growth and expansion to other regions across the globe, the world-class coding accelerator is now offering its curriculum, teaching methodologies and philosophies, classroom tools and more in Hong Kong, where one of Moringa School’s Lead Instructors is now based and ensuring the curriculum and classroom experience matches that in Kenya. The strategic partnership with Accelerate is one of many collaborations Moringa School is currently focusing on scaling our rigorous software engineering courses to more students globally. In Kenya, Moringa School attracts international students from Nigeria, Burundi, Rwanda and more, and is beginning to scale our Moringa Prep training to such countries to increase access to local students who do not have the financial capabilities to study outside their home country or for those who wish to remain in a more familiar environment.


Moringa School’s drive to become the backbone of the tech industry in Sub Saharan Africa is evident as the school has a placement rate of 95%. A partnership of this nature is significant for the growth of the coding accelerator as it shows the interest in the courses being offered by the school are well beyond Kenya’s borders.


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More about Moringa School:

Moringa School is a world-class coding accelerator with a 95% job placement rate. Through Moringa Prep, our introduction to programming course, to Moringa Core, our track-based, intensive, 19-week course, Moringa School graduates world-class engineers who experience our unique, hands-on and project-based educational model. Moringa’s graduates are star developers at companies like Safaricom, Cellulant, Craft Silicon and more.


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