Programming Simplified

By Alvin Aringo, Moringa Prep Full-time student.

Computers are everywhere. Nowadays, nearly everything requires some sort of programming. And yet very few people know how to read and write code. In fact, few people know what programming is.

Programming is basically explaining to a computer what you want it to do for you. You are probably teaching the dumbest thing in the universe how to do something. To the outside, it seems like the most boring thing in the world. But soon enough you will know why programmers are fascinated by this art.

Programming is one of the only thing in the world where you can sit down and come up with something new from scratch. Anything you want. To somebody who does it, it is the most interesting thing in the world. It is a game much more involved than chess, a game where you can make up your own rules and where the end result is whatever you can make of it. Creating code is just a different way of expressing creativity much similar to playing an instrument. The only limitation is your imagination…literally.

And it is funny how the world stereo typically thinks of the programmers as anti-socials who lock themselves in their rooms converting coffee to programs. In truth, programming is about collaboration. All great things are built in teams. We collaborate with other smart people, testing our ideas. And stimulating each other. That’s what makes programmers successful. It’s not some flash of brilliance by someone who codes 24 hours a day for 3 weeks. The magic happens when we are all on the same page collaborating and building something together.

Software is really about humanity than any other thing. It’s about helping people by using computer technology. Programming is more about breaking down real world problems and creating solutions for them. We are more of superheroes when you think of it.

There is a much greater need in the world for people who can write code than there will ever be supply. Whether you are trying to make a lot of money or change the world, programming is an empowering skill to learn.