From Moringa School to Craft Silicon

By Jay Kayitare, Cohort 5 Graduate, Current Craft Silicon Android Developer
I graduated from Moringa School on May 6th this year. I remember it was on a Friday. The next Monday, I had an interview at Craft Silicon. I applied there based on the recommendation I got from MS. The interview went well. I believe being from Moringa was definitely an advantage. The next day I received a call from Craft Silicon telling me I got the position of mobile developer. I was not the only one who was hired. Out of my cohort, two other developers were hired by Craft Silicon. On Wednesday, we all reported to work for our first day.
I admit starting to work as a software developer was very intimidating at first. I had never worked for any tech company and I was not sure how my skills would measure up to the challenges of the real world. There are lots of challenges I faced when I started working that I never faced in Moringa such as dealing with clients and bosses, tight deadlines, etc. It was also hard to stop relying on tutorials and start figuring out things on my own. Moringa felt like a sprint, a race against time. Working can be more like a marathon. The pressure is there and it is constant.
Attending Moringa School is what allowed me to start viewing myself as a software developer. It gave me the grit, resourcefulness, drive and patience to handle the reality of the job. I came out of Moringa with the confidence that I can do anything I am asked to do at work, that given enough time, I can handle any challenge. I have had an easier time facing seemingly impossible deadlines, projects that are slightly above my current skill set, and several other challenges I have met in my workplace.
Jay Kayitare, Cohort 5 Graduate, Current Craft Silicon Android Developer