Learning Multiple Programming Languages At The Same Time

By John Ngugi, Cohort 7 student

One of the most important skills for a software developer is the ability to pick up new programming languages and frameworks quickly. The tech world is constantly changing, therefore It is important to be able to learn fast and incorporate your newfound knowledge with your current one.

Unlike other professions, a software developer can quickly become irrelevant if they are not able to keep up with the fast pace of the tech world, more so if they specialize in languages and technologies that are often updated (JavaScript, Android).

However, It is a good idea to become well grounded in one programming language. Once you have good foundations, then picking up other languages is quite easy. As a beginner, learning your first language requires a huge investment of time and energy, and you may simply not have the time to take on another big project during this process.

If you’re thinking about starting another language because you’re sick of ‘Java’ or ‘Python’ or….. don’t! It will encourage you to procrastinate. If you’re thinking about starting another language because you keep seeing mentions of projects written in (say) Java and you’re frustrated that you can’t easily read and analyze the code – do! This is a great reason to learn another language at any time.

It takes about a year for the first language to solidify in the mind. Once you have good foundations, you can pick up as many languages as you want. Learning multiple languages is actually a good thing. Over time as you accumulate languages you’ll form your own internal abstract pseudo code language that will help you translate between the languages you know. This internal language is the framework you’ll use to learn new languages quickly.


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