My Journey to Moringa School

By Augustine Mulwa, Cohort 7 student

The beginning

They say that the two most important days in a man’s life are the day he is born and the day he realizes why.

Though the former happens by chance, the latter takes sheer will power and verve to actualize. Luck, as many think of it is normally stumbled upon, but in contrast it takes one to be in the right place at the right time to be lucky.

For me that day happened with a wimp of luck and great determination. This great epiphany dawned on me the day a pal of mine told me about Moringa school.

I had always wanted to be an Android developer since Android was first launched in Kenya. With its vast opportunities and the knowledge that I could pursue a venture that not many have been able to conquer and also make cool stuff for the whole world to view. But day by day the dream had started becoming elusive. It was like chasing smoke.

Determination proved a key companion in my endeavor before luck had its way.

That was when my friend told me about Moringa School and the opportunities they provided you to be a world class software engineer. My blood churned and I could barely afford to sleep as I applied and waited for the response to come from the school. Time seemed to slow down and days seemed to drag by. When would the school ever call me? What if they would never call me? Dear Lord, I was always down on my knees pleading with God to give me this opportunity, pleading turned to begging.

Then, and as if by a stroke of magic, the fireworks began. The long awaited call finally arrived and with the good news.

“You have been enlisted for the interview after which you may proceed to join the school.” That was all I heard in all the words that the secretary spoke to me.

Now, the waiting continued once more. It was a matter of days but it all seemed like ages. I wanted to do the interview and get started in my life of coding. That was two months ago. I did the interview, and successfully got enrolled.

The journey

Mind blowing is how I would put it. It started with the sheer intensity of a boot-camp and the expectation skyrocketed to a new high. Desire was being turned to actualization. Learning was everywhere and things were happening so fast that sleep no longer was a priority. Everyday, for these two months I have been intoxicated with too much knowledge that I thought sanity would evade me.

To keep me in check, I would always confide in my pals in class with those geeky jokes that you get with people who share something in common, but only they understand what they are saying.

Within two months, I have made so many friends and came to the realization that all is possible if mind is set to purpose. Only chains in our minds though invincible, can kill a dream whose time has come.


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