What is Good Design?

By Willard Shikami, Cohort 7 Student

Here is to those who have always seen things differently. Many people for a long time have misunderstood the word design. I have to say it has quite a number of definitions.

Good design personally goes beyond the look of something, a product or a software. It’s the whole thing, how it works, how it feels etc. Obviously how something looks like is the first connection you make with a product or software. Most of the sub-conscious decisions about the nature of something is made by how it looks like. From there you will determine how much you have to pay for it.

The things we make describe us and our values, they describe what we are interested in and our preoccupations. Everything around us speak of who made it and it speaks to whether they were driven by opportunism, price and schedule or whether they were driven by care and trying to design a product/software that would make lives genuinely better. A company or a startup is just a group of people that come together to build a product. The design of the product is a clear way to understand what drives that particular group of people.

I think people deserve the good design from a product or software. You can meet someone completely new and come up with an idea of a product or software in 30 mins. That does not mean that the product has any value and that anyone will be interested in it.

Good design will play a major role in getting people attached to your product. As I work on a project with tremendous dreams for it and deep enthusiasm, I keep thinking of how best I can design it to get to this remarkable route where I visualize it going from a few people viewing it and using it to hundreds of thousands knowing about it and using it at exactly the same time. I try as much as possible to incorporate good design in my projects with an aim to impact and improve lives.

Good design takes time, but all the work will be worthwhile when you look at someone smile while using something you designed and build.


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