My Experience at Moringa School

By Alexona Kinuthia, Cohort 7 Student

The obvious downfall of the tertiary education system has given a few people ideas to come up with places such as Moringa School. This is probably the best idea after the glorious maniac who came up with Nutella.

So, what exactly is Moringa School? Moringa School is where ordinary people are turned into world class developers. I bet you have stumbled across this line while looking for a coding school. Well the truth of the matter is, this statement is actually very true.

Many people say that learning to code is hard but when I hear of Moringa what pops up in my head is “Programming Simplified”. Not only do you learn to code but adopt the ability to self learn among other soft skills like how to communicate effectively, build courage and teamwork among others. The curriculum team always ready to give out tons of knowledge on the various programming languages. Apart from being taught how to build incredible stuff, you also get to learn how to build stuff that is useful and that people will love to use.

It is an experience…back to earth, Moringa School is one of the best programming boot camps in the region. Being a current student, my experience could be said to be really interesting. The work and the effort to be put in is massive but high risk, high reward, right?

The experience is just so amazing and the urge to learn more keeps growing and growing. So any developer out there looking for cool programming skills the place to be is Moringa.

As for those of you out there planning on joining the boot-camp here are some few pointers for you:

  • Know yourself, as much as you are a team remember that you are different, some people work better at night others really need that beauty sleep. If you compare yourself to others, you may get discouraged or complacent for there always will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions however silly they may sound.At some point you might feel like you are getting accustomed to the pressure, that is the time to work harder and do more, because once you relax you may never regain the momentum. Trust me, I speak from experience.
  • Lastly, never ever give up and strive to be happy.  

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