Believe and Begin

By Mark Mwaura, Cohort 7 student

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. I have always wanted to find something that I love doing and use it to improve myself and other people.

About four years ago I wanted to know how an ATM bank account system works so I didn’t have a choice but to go to the university and do a course in information technology. During the degree program I always looked for “that thing” which I liked to do in information technology and also fulfill my goals. It was then that I stumbled upon programming during my library sessions in the evening at Strathmore University. I immediately admired the process and the results of creating software. I also did community work during my break periods in university which served as an eye opener on how I could provide solutions and dedicate my life to solving existing challenges using software.

Over the years I trained myself how to write simple programs, but I always longed to know what the standards in developing a career out of software engineering were. Online tutorials helped but not as much especially with aspects such as working in a team, so I continued looking and hoping. I needed some form of mentorship or simply work as a freelance software engineer.

During the New year period I purposed to actively search for jobs, mentorship opportunities and attend all developer conferences available in Nairobi. This helped a lot as I received several internship opportunities and during the Nairobi Tech Week which was held in late April (this year), I became aware of Moringa School (, a top software developer school in Africa.

I did the interview in May and joined Moringa school full time in early July. Since then  a lot has happened. Some myths that I had earlier on software development have been debunked while some of them have been affirmed. Moringa School program has been crazy for me, especially due to the fact that I have health issues.

The program runs during the week Monday to Friday (8am till 8:30pm) at Ngong Lane Plaza on Ngong road. I used to sleep for long 8 to 9 hours but nowadays I only get at most 6 hours of sleep per day.

The course content has been excellent as I now know a lot about front end development, back-end development and android development which I don’t think I would have known had I not come to Moringa School. No university in Kenya or in the region could get me to where I am like Moringa School.

The experience is rewarding if one is willing to put in much effort to become a world class application developer. Currently am busy working on projects and debugging applications which I will present at the end of the course. I’m glad to engage myself in understanding how to create proper maintainable applications for people and in this way lose myself in serving others which gives me a great sense of fulfillment. Consistency as an individual is key so am watching that to achieve my goals.

Lessons learnt so far include:

  1. Never give up. Always continue pushing.
  2. A difficult past doesn’t mean your future will be difficult.
  3. Destiny demands diligence.(If you need to get somewhere you need to be honest and committed about it always).
  4. To make yourself better always keep on learning.
Mark Mwaura, Cohort 7 Developer

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