Moringa School: Changes and Looking Forward

August 17, 2016

Over the past few years, Moringa School has grown to become known as the premier developer bootcamp in Africa. We were founded in April 2014 by Frank Tamre and Audrey Cheng with the goal of transforming technical education in Africa. Today, after over 2 years, we are publicly announcing that Frank has decided to transition from the company. Post-Moringa, Frank will be heads down in game development – a passion he has always held – and will take the opportunity to spend more time on spiritual growth and reflection before he decides how he will continue contributing to the tech sector in Kenya.

While this decision may come as a surprise, we – Audrey and Frank – have spent numerous hours chatting together about the future of Moringa since February of this year. We are both wholly invested in the future of Moringa School, but could not come to agreement on the direction we wanted to take the company. As entrepreneurs who are constantly learning, we spent hours reflecting on ourselves and learned an extremely valuable lesson:  that co-foundership is truly like a marriage. And before a marriage, we needed to have certain conversations to ensure that we set expectations for one another before we took the leap of faith. We didn’t have those conversations in the beginning, which is why a year into operations we were stumped when we couldn’t agree on our future.

Frank leaving Moringa School has not been an easy decision for either of us. We both decided that we were not the right co-founder team to lead Moringa School, so we talked about what Moringa School would look like if either of us left the company. In the end, Frank decided to leave Moringa because it seemed to be an opportune time to pursue other passions and Audrey had already built a strong pipeline of partners across Africa for scale. We both put the company and its mission’s interest ahead of our own to make this decision. While the shift has been challenging to us and our team, we are both confident that we made the right decision for the success of Moringa School.

As Moringa School moves forward, we are both incredibly grateful to have learned as much as we did with each other and will continue to support each other in our next steps. In the next week, Audrey will be writing a blog post about the new direction that Moringa School is heading into to scale high-quality, technical education across the continent. This will be one step closer to our goal of transforming higher education and the workforce in Africa.

Moringa School’s co-founders will always be both of us – for without one or the other, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Entrepreneurship is a challenging and exciting journey, and we would love to share our lessons along the way with new or existing entrepreneurs. So please feel free to reach out to either of us! To grow is to succeed, and neither of us can deny how much we’ve grown since we started Moringa School. In Moringa School 2.0, our education is going to become even more high-quality, personalized and matched to the needs of our modern world. We can’t wait to share with you updates along the way.

Sincerely and with love,

Audrey and Frank


One thought on “Moringa School: Changes and Looking Forward

  1. One of those bittersweet announcements, sad to see such a successful partnership end and special appreciation for not being afraid to implement what may have seemed like a crazy idea in the beginning. The Kenyan techies salute your efforts.

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