The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Moringa School:

Are you planning to join Moringa School? Here is a cheat for the do’s and don’ts to ensure your survival during the boot-camp.


Liz Kathure (l), Cohort 6 Student

  1. Sleep while you can; once you join you may never enjoy more than 6 hours of sleep again.
  2. Time management; you have 86,400 seconds a day , make each one count by making a to do list every morning.
  3. Google is your friend.
  4. When your code doesn’t work and you can’t figure out why; don’t panic. Take a break, look at something else then come back with a refreshed mind and look for the bug. If you still can’t figure it out, just ask around. It’s probably just a missing semicolon.
  5. As much as possible try to complete all the assignments, unfinished work will most definitely build up and eventually drown you.
  6. Apply yourself; halfhearted work is easily distinguishable from wholehearted work.
  7. Get along with your classmates; you’re stuck with them 12 hours a day, 5 days a week for 16 weeks anyway. So what choice do you have ?
  8. Every once in awhile; take pride in your work. You may not be where you wanted to be but you are definitely not where you used to be.(As far as coding at Moringa School is concerned of course )
  9. At some point; usually around week 7 or 9, you might feel like you are getting accustomed to the pressure, that is the time to work harder and do more , because once you relax you may never regain the momentum. Trust me, I speak from experience.
  10. There’s more than one way to skin a cat; if a tutorial recommended by the instructor isn’t really working for you, go find one that does, people are different some prefer videos others prefer books or blogs. Remember Google is your constant companion.
  11. There’s no “I” in Team; cooperate with your classmates, help each other out, leave no man or lady behind.
  12. Be true to yourself ; as much as you are a team remember that you are different, some people work better at night others really need that beauty sleep. If you compare yourself to others, you may get discouraged or complacent for there always will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
  13. As a man thinketh so is he; believe in yourself, you are capable of accomplishing everything you dream about and so much more. It just comes down to attitude.
  14. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, that’s what the Tech Team is there for.
  15. In Moringa School; Bread, coffee and sometimes pizza is your fuel.
  16. Lastly, never ever give up and strive to be happy.  

All in all Moringa School, will change your life significantly, but only if you let it.



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