Where did ‘Moringa School’ come from?

Mention tech training in Kenya and one name immediately comes to mind: Moringa School.

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Moringa School Students

Every great brand has a genesis of it’s originality: Moringa School is no exception. Let’s take a look at why the name Moringa fits the organization.

Moringa School is named after the Moringa Tree, which is widely grown in Kenya and Sub Saharan Africa. All parts of the Moringa Tree are used for various purposes. Just like the Moringa Tree, Moringa School graduates utilize all the practical skills they acquire to add value in the tech space in Kenya. The school founders envisioned that anyone who goes through the Moringa School system leaves not only as a rock solid software developer, but fundamental contributors to the global and budding local tech community


Moringa Tree

The Moringa Tree is referred to as “the tree of life”. One of Moringa School’s goals is to breathe new life into the education ecosystem by empowering students to realize their highest potentials in technology by imparting them with marketable tech skills.

The healing properties of the Moringa Tree are exemplified in Moringa School by the impact made by graduates who use their newfound skills and community to address and solve issues in the tech space.

Lastly, the Moringa Tree is known for its deep roots. This is mirrored by Moringa School in the vision of being deeply-rooted within the tech community. Moringa School and its community actively contributes to the structural backbone of the local tech ecosystem and facilitates global connections for the Kenyan tech community by running both local and global initiatives and partnerships. The World Bank recently recognized Moringa School for their exceptional work with students to curb unemployment among the youth. In hosting Nairobi Tech Week in April, Moringa School was also chosen among other companies in the tech space to partner with the Twitter Development Community during the Hello World Nairobi Tour in April.

With these similarities, it made perfect sense for the founders of Moringa School to associate and name the school with this strong tree.



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