1776 Challenge Cup

Most people in the world of innovation might probably have heard of the Challenge Cup.

For those who have not, well, not to despair for here is a chance to learn more about it.

Each year 1776, a global incubator and venture fund, hosts a worldwide tournament called the Challenge Cup, a global competition of startups from 16 cities around the world, that convenes people with the best ideas for global impact in education, energy and sustainability, health, and transportation and cities.

The festival includes exclusive panels, keynotes, galas and more for each of these critical industries. In addition to the packed schedule of panels .

For your start-up to be legible to participate in the challenge, it must meet the following conditions: –

1) Your startup must be working within one of the 1776 core industries:

  • Education
  • Cities
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Health
  • Money
  • Security
  • Transportation
  • Your startup must be a for profit business.
  • Your business must be a scalable product or service and in-market. (MVP or pilots are fine, but must fundamentally be beyond “idea stage”)
  • Your startup must be under $2.5MM USD in venture funding at time of application
  • Your startup must have less than 2.5MM USD in revenue booked to date
  • No proof of regional affiliation needed.

Startups advance through three rounds: Local, Regional and Global Finals. This year’s Challenge Cup Global Finals will be held in Washington, D.C. in June. There, startups will compete for over $1 million in prizes, as well as spend time with the investors, customers, media and other key connections that can help them succeed on a global scale

Therefore, if you are a startup with big ambitions to solve a meaningful problem for our world from teachers to transportation or food to finance, 1776 is here to help. They will share pitch-coaching, industry advice, and connect you with the right people to scale in your industry, and there is a $175,000 in cash and over $1,000,000 in potential investments.

Luckily, for Moringa School, this is not a dream but a reality as we head to Washington DC in June to participate in this year’s edition of the Challenge Cup, as one of the five finest competitors in Africa and the best in Kenya.