Feature: Kevin Walusala Rakama


Name: Kevin Walusala Rakama

Occupation:IT-Head Of IT Department at Homeboyz Group Of Companies

Please tell us a bit about your job.

  My job is to head the IT Division of Homeboyz Group of companies which includes:    

    • Homeboyz Fixxit– Software development (eCommerce, Mobile and web technologies). Here I basically lead the team to develop applications targeting the corporate clients such as GOK, EABL, Brookside just to name a few on solutions for activations and distribution of merchandise, Multimedia, Supplies management and monitoring, Music etc My leadership skills are also put into practice while providing consultation to Homeboyz clients on matters concerning IT solutions on events we do and on special occasions.
    • Homeboyz Entertainment – Events Management and Client service
    • Homeboyz Radio– HBR 103.5 FM
    • Homeboyz Aktivate– Activations of Events
    • Homeboyz Foundation – Youth Empowerment through entrepreneurship, talent development, skills advancements and civic engagement.
    • Homeboyz Rugby – Sports
    • Homeboyz TV– Youth TV station
    • MTA – DJ School academy        

-Soundtraxx – Sounds, stage and lights systems for events

-YHUB- Startups hosting and mentoring, hackathons, internships and scholarships.

How do you think coding/programming has changed since you were in school?

Coding has almost been computerized to work just like robots. Where the coders only need to apply the logic where needed and then boom! magic happens. Frameworks, plugins, IDEs and modules seem to have improved over the years with tools which simplifies our daily hustles.

From a career perspective, what  programming languages  are on demand in the job market right now?

-Java-this is one of the old technologies which still hold the backbones of many corporate applications like banks etc



What do you think of the future of coding in Kenya?

We only need to bridge the gap between the starters and the gurus, otherwise there is a massive increase in the number of devs over the years.

What are the current trends in the world right now and what do you think will be the defining trend this year?

IoT- This is coming out big time not only this year but in the coming years



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