Cohort 4 Graduation



Last Friday, Moringa School hosted a graduation ceremony for Cohort 4 who had completed 16 weeks of coding. The graduates, who all completed their required coursework during the past four months, were  presented certificates in HTML/CSS, Android, Python/Django, UI & UX.

“I was doing computer science but I had never done this much coding in my life,” Lucy Kimotho.

It is evident that the graduates had gone through a lot of positive life changing experiences for the 4 months they were at Moringa School.

“We are so proud of what our students have accomplished, and we are confident that the skills and education they obtained here have given them the foundation they need to be successful in their career and in life,” said Audrey Cheng Co-founder of Moringa School.

“Always stay ahead of the pack. Find out what the next big thing is and be on top of it” said Frank Tamre Co-founder and tech lead.

As we celebrate our first anniversary, we look forward to welcoming more students and continue revolutionizing education in Kenya and Africa as a whole. If you are interested in coding/programming and want to become a world-class developer  apply here .

“Don’t code just for the sake of coding, find a pulse,” David Mosi, Cohort 4


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