Update: Barclays Product Lab


A few months back Moringa school partnered with Barclays Kenya and Nest  for the Barclays Product lab program. You can read more about it here. So far, the developers have undertaken rigorous user research through collecting data in the field. The program has enabled them to gain more exposure on agile development and have been able to apply their UX concepts very well.

“Moringa School helped me a lot in preparing for this opportunity. I have been able to apply all I learnt.”- Margaret Sitati (Moringa School Alumni)

Through this experience, they have been able to sharpen their presentation skills through pitching ideas and concepts. We attended their final presentations for this year where the teams presented their solutions to the Barclays team before the winning innovation is picked early next year.

Caren Kakai the project manager in charge from Nest was quite excited about the progress the teams had made so far. “It has been an interesting process for the teams, it is quite exciting to see how far they have come in order to realize the solutions for the product they are working on.”

Overall it has been an eye-opening experience for everyone involved. Watch out for more partnerships in the future.


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