Creating Application Mock Ups on Paper in 5 simple steps.

Defining your path before embarking on any journey is a prerequisite for anyone looking to get from point A to point B successfully, a belief we incorporate into our teaching. The process of building a piece of software is just like embarking on a journey, and creating mock ups is similar to defining your path.

What is a mock up?

A model or replica of a machine or structure, used for instructional or experimental purpose. In this case, a model of the piece of software you are about to build.

At Moringa School, having our students create mock ups before the start of any development process is a requirement, and having seen lots of successes in the past, we’d like to share with you how we do it at Moringa School.

There are lots of ways and tools that one can use to effectively create mock ups, but we are big on putting pen to paper and here’s how we do it.

Paper Mock ups


Spending time going through these 5 simple steps makes the overall app development process so much more effective and as we’ve come to learn, way more fun!

  1. Decide on the application you’d like to build
    1. Do you want to build a mobile or web application?
  2. Break down the functionality
    1. What would you like the application to actually do?
  3. Think from the user perspective
    1. What’s the user experience like, what sort of features do they need and do they easily understand what a certain feature does?
  4. List down the specific features required
    1. By answering the questions above, take some time and list all the features that you’ll need to build for the user at each step.
  5. Put pen to paper and draw each step to visually represent the user journey
    1. This is as close as you get to the actual app development process in the mock up creation process, and probably the most important as you get to visually bring your application to life.

Interested in learning how to effectively create mock ups in a more in depth session? Let us know by sharing your information with us (Here) and we’ll let you know as we plan for some exciting Moringa School workshops for 2016!

Here’s an additional great resource on the What, Why, and How of Mock ups.


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