Moringa School Project Period is here! Wondering what to expect?

It’s that time at Moringa School – Project Period! An exciting time when our students get to really apply what they’ve been learning and figure out if they actually understood what Frank taught in that early morning Android class :-).

In preparation for the next 4 weeks, we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Bitange Ndemo (Ex – Permanent Secretary for the ICT ministry) for a talk about opportunity recognition.  We are always taken aback by and grateful for the insights he has to offer and his passion to empower the next generation of tech talent.


Dr. Bitange Ndemo has been part of the tech industry for over a decade, a period that has given him great insights into figuring out, how to come up with great ideas, what great ideas are made up of and how to vet your idea to determine its overall viability.

Now with the right knowledge in hand, we are excited and look forward to what the students will choose to work on and we’d like to bring you along the journey, providing an opportunity for you to learn what they’re working on, what tools they are using to build their applications and why those tools work best!

Over the next 4 weeks, we’ll share student projects and a lot more information around, working in teams, developer productivity tools and how to get ready for that developer job interview. We’ve learnt a lot around these and would love to share our insights with you.

Do let us know if you have any feedback and thanks for taking the time!



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