Nairobi Design Week: Moringa School Women in Tech Workshop

women in techMoringa school has partnered with Nairobi Design week to host a women in tech workshop for women interested in learning what web design is, what good web design entails and how to be good at it. The workshop will be held at our school on Friday, November 20th from 1 PM-4 PM.

Who are we targeting?

  1. A woman interested in and/or know a woman interested in technology.
  2. Having a basic understanding of how web design works and what good web design entails is becoming increasingly important, in business and any career path one is on. Why?
    • Basic coding skills and an understanding of great web design, are becoming a requirement the world over as technology takes root in every industry, and as every business looks into leveraging the Internet for the much needed competitive edge.
    • Computer programming is becoming the new literacy
    • Learning to program can make you more productive and efficient

The workshop aims to be quite hands on to ensure we answer a very most important question: “How can you develop a great looking website on your own?”


  • A laptop
  • Age – Not a requirement, we welcome all ages!
  • Knowledge level – Any
    • From complete beginners to experts interested in learning a bit more.
    • From high school students to college graduates.
  • Lots of enthusiasm and willingness to learn!
  • Cost – Absolutely free

Learn more and RSVP here! We look forward to hosting you!




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