TechTalkThursdays: Bitange Ndemo

For our weekly speaker series #techtalkthursdays, former permanent secretary of ICT Bitange Ndemo was our guest speaker. He is also an associate professor at the University of Nairobi and editor of An expert on all things I.C.T, entrepreneurship and the government… Bitange Ndemo has a wealth of experience spanning multiple decades having worked across multiple countries abroad.

Passionate about empowering the next generation of Kenyan youth, Mr. Bitange Ndemo took some time to speak to our students about entrepreneurship, discipline and the importance of sustainable competitive advantage in achieving success, topics he’s passionate about and feels they could be the key to transforming our future if given the focus.bitange ndemo

“You can’t hit the bull’s eye unless you keep trying.”

With the Kenyan education sector going through a transformation, Moringa School is well placed to be a though leader and help in pioneering a new way of learning, a sentiment Mr. Bitange Ndemo agrees with all too well, “I think it’s a wonderful thing you are doing. Education in Kenya is not being done the right way and you are bridging the market gap by providing a practical innovative solution.”

His thoughts on the future of technology innovation in education are that new forms of learning methods stand to offer a solution for everyone. People learn at different speeds, thrive in different environments and prefer different modes of content delivery. He believes we need to encourage all these variations and give everyone a shot at a bright future, “It will offer a different platform for thriving to a certain group of learners, who’ve not had much luck in the traditional system of education.”

Do you have any thoughts or feedback? Let us know what you think about alternative education programmes such as Moringa School.


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