Life In A Day at Moringa School

By Nelson Kimaiga, Moringa School Student

One day at Moringa School is not like the traditional full-time program at our local Universities and Colleges. In fact, the entire curriculum is actually a software development boot camp, which is unique because of what it offers and how it’s taught. My journey to Moringa started when I read a retweet from the iHub on my Twitter timeline about invitations to register for the fourth cohort, which was due to kick off in September. By then, I was eager to sharpen my coding skills since I had just graduated from University and what I had learnt there with respect to software programming wasn’t enough to find employment. After my interview (which included practical coding challenges) was successful, I was slotted for the September cohort.

My day at Moringa School starts at 8:30 a.m. However, I prefer to arrive earlier and solve programming challenges which are referred to as ‘Toy Problems’. Our instructors highlight the importance of ‘Toy Problems’ with the objective to train our minds using our knowledge gained from the data structures classes. With more practice on the Toy Problems, we are able to gain confidence in the programming languages that we are taught. An interesting part of all of this is that no code is ever written for the students on the board. Rather, the learning process is like a forum. After toy problems, we dive into lecture in the morning hours up to lunch time, as the day culminates in personal coding for the rest of the day until 8 P.M. Each single day, I ensure that I write code better than the day before.

The fun part about Moringa School is that learning is delivered in a rather seamless environment that is friendly to any aspiring software developer. Some interactive activities such as lightening tech talks, one-on-one talks with the class experience manager as well as Thursday guest speakers from the tech fraternity are some of the great aspects that make Moringa School unique.

On the bigger picture, I have learnt a number of things at Moringa School spanning from good practices in software development, version control to more unexpected things such as team work, having a good attitude, professional development and most importantly, taking feedback positively. It’s indeed a pleasure and a great opportunity to be enrolled at the best code school in the region.


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