Moringa School Project Period is here! Wondering what to expect?

It’s that time at Moringa School – Project Period! An exciting time when our students get to really apply what they’ve been learning and figure out if they actually understood what Frank taught in that early morning Android class :-).

In preparation for the next 4 weeks, we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Bitange Ndemo (Ex – Permanent Secretary for the ICT ministry) for a talk about opportunity recognition.  We are always taken aback by and grateful for the insights he has to offer and his passion to empower the next generation of tech talent.

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Nairobi Design Week: Moringa School Women in Tech Workshop

women in techMoringa school has partnered with Nairobi Design week to host a women in tech workshop for women interested in learning what web design is, what good web design entails and how to be good at it. The workshop will be held at our school on Friday, November 20th from 1 PM-4 PM.

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Life in a Day: Moses Okemwa


As part of our “Life in a day series” we are highlighting the life at Moringa School through the eyes applicants who successfully joined us. We are excited to let you know what happens in the everyday life of complete beginners on their journey to becoming world-class developers.

If you are interested in becoming a world-class software developer, email us at to learn more.Moses Life in a day

MS: Tell us about your path to Moringa School

Funny you should ask… Ever since I left high school a larger portion of my business ideas or solutions were based on tech. Without the skills for bringing them to fruition, frustration kicked in and all I could do was write them down as I wait for a future case scenario where I could use them. Then one day my sister and I got to talking about tech schools in Kenya and she mentioned about Moringa School and  Junior Moringa School which I applied and was successfully selected.Read More »

An Afternoon with Dr. Bitange Ndemo at Moringa School


Ruot Thabac Duany

Every Thursday afternoon, Moringa School normally invites a guest speaker to come and deliver a talk to the resident cohort. Our guest speaker this week was Dr. Bitange Ndemo, the immediate former permanent secretary (PS) of Kenya’s Ministry of Information and Communication. As usual, we were informed about our guest speaker a week in advance but were also informed that the speaker requested that we read his article on cyber security in the Business daily. As a result, I concluded that Mr. Ndemo was coming to talk to us mainly about cyber security.Read More »

Entrepreneurship: A Fresh Perspective

By  Irene Wanjugu.

He arrived earlier than expected – that doesn’t happen often.

The whole of the Moringa fraternity was present and eager. After a quick introduction he delved into what we’d all been waiting for.

Mr Bitange Ndemo is a brilliant individual. He is a technocrat by his own rights and he definitely knows what he’s talking about. The good Sir begun his talk by touching on Cyber Security. This is an area he is clearly very passionate about, having written a recent paper on this element in the Kenyan market. He explained that with the growing dependency on the internet and technology to perform our day-to-day…Read More »