As part of our “Life in a day series” we are highlighting the life at Moringa School through the eyes applicants who successfully joined us. We are excited to let you know what happens in the everyday life of complete beginners on their journey to becoming world class developers.

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MS: Tell us about your path to Moringa School

AM: I stumbled upon Moringa School while reading on startups in Nairobi. From there, I did further research and applied, upon completing the application process, I underwent an interview and now here I am!

MS: Why Moringa School?

AM: Moringa School was the best place where I could learn Android and full stack web development practically while still in Kenya.

MS: What are you looking to achieve at the end of the program?

AM: By the end of the program I hope to have built some cool things and to have the skills to make whatever I want.

MS: Tell us about a typical day at Moringa School

Anthony Miyoro
AM: My day normally starts at 6.45 am when I wake up, I head to class so that I arrive at around 8.30 am at which we do some to problems (Which are basically algorithmic puzzles) until around 9.30 am from which I do class work until 1.00 pm. I then come back from lunch and depending on the day work until around 6.00 pm and then head home to continue working from there.

MS: Is there anything you’d like to build at the end of your time at Moringa School?
AM: By the end of my time at Moringa School I hope to build the basis for an email encryption system which I will continue working on in the future.

MS: What’s the most fun thing that has happened to you at Moringa School so far?

AM: The most fun thing that has happened to me so far was getting to know that I have the ability to create whatever I want with the technology around me.

MS: What would you tell anyone looking to apply at Moringa School?

AM: For those looking to apply to Moringa School I would advise them that as long as you love coding Moringa School is the place to be. I have learned more in the past last months than I could have dreamed possible.


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