My Overthinking

By Peter Muturi,

Actually this is somewhat one of the reasons I got really interested in front-end stuff. One morning, I opted to look beyond the “Moringa School” logo and here is my analysis… šŸ™‚

=>When you look keenly and count the number of leaves on the tree, you’ll figure out they are 18 and are all not curved.

Ā =>If you count the straight parts of every letter in theĀ  “Moringa school” logo, they are 18 . Huh, didn’t realize that, did you?


Well, once you add them up you getĀ 36,Ā I then split theĀ 6 into three’s to beĀ 3,3,3, but after a while, Moringa School increase the number of weeks to 16, so theĀ 6 was turned upside down toĀ  9 , which when you split into three’s becomesĀ 3,3,3,3 . Moringa School was a 3-month program but it’s now a 4-month program.

Well, about the 3’s, the word “Moringa” has only 3 vowels:)

Now you know how I see the “Moringa School” logo.