A Story of Katas and Cuts .

by Osuka Andala.

If you are familiar with Codewars, then you definitely know what a Kata is and how it works. But for explanation’s sake, a Kata is a custom test framework developed by codewars for each language that it supports. You are given a code problem that you have to figure out, solve and run through a bunch of tests. You are allowed to run the tests over and over for each time you don’t get everything right. Best part is, you get a chance to compare your answer with those of other coders and up-vote each other for the ones you thought were very clever. So basically a Facebook invented by nerds for nerds.

A little while back I went on a Javasriptathon -Yes, that is a word. The dictionary just doesn’t know it yet. Our awesome instructor Andrew introduced us to codewars and we did Katas almost every morning. On our own at first, then we solve it together before the day came to an end.
To be honest, I never got a Kata right while tackling it on my own. I may have thought for minutes on end, write code after code, run a hundred tests, but damn that persistent red bordered box. “Incorrect!” “Try again!” “Wrong Answer!”
I mean come on!! Be nice!!

I found myself letting my monkey win (see here) and just waiting for Andrew’s voice, “Time’s up!” This is not a good trait at all, it’s a bad one and I am working on fixing that. I consulted with my classmates, but a lot of the time everyone took a different approach to the problem and I found myself learning new things. It’s like a journey from Nairobi to Mombasa with some people taking a flight, some the bus and others-like me- are probably cycling. Sometimes we are in the same boat,The S.S Confusion..Cuts and bruises yoh!

At the end of the day when the master, Andrew, sat down and solved the Kata with us. I was always left thinking,”Man! I knew that.”
One more Honor. Just an 8955 more to get past the leader. More cuts and bruises!

Moral of the story, Trust yourself! You Still have no idea what you are capable of.


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