Moringa School and Seven Seas Technologies Ltd new partnership!

Today we’d like to announce a new partnership between Moringa School and the “Knowledge for Life” program by Seven Seas Technology. A new partnership aimed at providing Moringa School’s students – both current & alumni – more and new opportunities to better their skills, grow professionally and enhance their career paths by learning from one of the top technology companies in Africa.

The Knowledge for Life program, dubbed ‘K4Life’, is a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative aimed at bridging the gap between the National University ICT curriculum and industry needs at entry level, with the ultimate aim of accelerating students’ career development.

Through this partnership, Moringa School students get a chance to go through the K4Life program for free, providing them with a chance to increase and enhance their skills, and provide them with a much larger pool of organizations that could in turn be potential employers with amazing career paths.


We are always committed to our students and we want to ensure they become the best in the market by having them not only learn from Moringa School top instructors, but also industry leading organizations and individuals through partnerships.

Learn more about the K4Life program.

Be part of the next Moringa School full time class by emailing us today at and get your career off to a great start.


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