As part of our “Life in a day series” we are highlighting the life at Moringa School through the eyes applicants who successfully joined us. We are excited to let you know what happens in the everyday life of complete beginners on their journey to becoming world class developers.

 If you are interested in becoming a world class software developer, email us at to learn more.

 MS: Tell us about your path to Moringa School

TA: Being a graduate of Mechatronic engineering, I have always been enthused with code. I had been able to teach myself a few concepts here and there but nothing major. I got introduced to Moringa School by a friend of a friend who happened to be in the second cohort. The idea of being able to capture a large scope of the possible programming languages was very inviting and I decided to apply after consulting with a couple of people.I was called for an interview and was fortunate enough to pass… Thus, we are here seven weeks later.

MS: Why Moringa School?

TA: The promise of become a software engineer with skills in a good number of the available programming languages was my biggest attraction. I had tried learning some code on my own but was not getting as far as I wanted. I decided to seek help from the well experienced instructors at Moringa School.

MS: What are you looking to achieve at the end of the program?

TA: I have developed a strong liking to ruby. By the end of the program I want to be really good at it, good enough to call myself a” rubyst”. I also want to be able to build and complete an android and web app to completion. It has to be something very good.


MS: Tell us about a typical day at Moringa School

TA: Although class starts at about 9 am, I get in at 8 am. I take the hour to settle down and review the previous day’s work and what I expect for the rest of the day. Every day we get introduced to a new concept. This week is Ruby, yaaay!!!So our instructor Alvin takes us through ruby concepts and how to apply them from around 9 am. It is a very interactive session as each student is required to participate to ensure that nobody is left behind.At 1pm, there is a mandatory break for lunch since we all need to take a breather.In the afternoon it is usually code time. Where we get to practice on what we were taught in the morning. This is the fun part since experimenting is highly encouraged. there is also a huge emphasis on github where we have to save our works which the instructor later checks to ensure that everybody is comfortable with the lesson of the day.

MS: Is there anything you’d like to build at the end of your time at Moringa School

TA: I have n idea for an android app that i feel will be useful to society so I hope to be able to build it during the project weeks.

MS: What’s the most fun thing that has happened to you at Moringa so far?

TA: I love Fridays at Moringa School. One is because there is pizza. How cool is that?Two, we always have a “Lunch and Learn” session where somebody from the real world of programming comes to talk to us and we get to ask all the questions we want, plus after every two Friday we have a “Fun night” where everyone gets to hang out with more pizza and play games. We get to unwind. I especially loved the last one because I found out that I am really good at Pictionary.

MS: What would you tell anyone looking to apply at Moringa School?

TA: This is a really cool place to learn how to code. I strongly recommend it. It is worth your time and money.




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