Obvious is not so obvious after all.

By Hillary Egosa, Moringa School Student

Before I got an opportunity to sit at this desk that I have been sitting on for the last three weeks, I really thought I had an idea of what developing software was. I pretty much believed that it was all about algorithms and black screens. In fact, whenever I read advertisements about programmer jobs they usually read something like, should be proficient in Javascript, Java, C++, UX…..so on. Now, that last part is what I might school you about. You see, I was always thinking that UX is some sort of programming language!.

UX stands for User Experience. Why not UE? American exceptionalism aside, I have come to appreciate the importance of creating products that the user will find interesting and easy to interact with. To emphasize further, no matter how good a software engineer you are and no matter how innovative your applications are, if the user has a hard time using the product, you will fail. In addition, UX is not just about User Interfaces, in fact an interface is not even required. For example, if you are required to swipe a card to unlock a door into a building in most cases a beep alerts you that the door is now unlocked. What if there was no beep?….. Now you get me right? In this instance we do not have an interface but you get the message when the door is unlocked.

I really doubt there is any computer science class in Kenya that would enlighten you on such matters like Moringa School has done for its students. So, what other obvious things will I be learning next? Moringa and time will tell…