Life in day at Moringa School with Hillary Egesa


As part of our “Life in a day series” we are highlighting the life at Moringa School through the eyes applicants who successfully joined us. We are excited to let you know what happens in the everyday life of complete beginners on their journey to becoming world class developers.

If you are interested in becoming a world class software developer, email us at to learn more.

MS: Tell us about your path to Moringa school

HE: For the longest time I tried learning programming by myself using YouTube tutorials and the best I did for a while was coding up “Hello World”. The lack of an opportunity to get my hands dirty and have in person interactions with seasoned instructors, served as motivation to look around for a coding school that would give me that chance. There it was – Moringa School – the perfect blend that would get me to my desired level. I applied and here I am sweating it out and loving every minute of it!

MS: Why Moringa School?

HE: Moringa school was bold enough to claim that they would turn me into a software engineer in a 12 weeks! That definitely peaked my interest and the more I read about Moringa School, the more I felt I had to be part of this challenge.

MS: What are you looking to achieve at the end of the program?

HE: At the end of this program I hope to become a world class software engineer who’s skilled enough to work anywhere in the world. I’m also really looking forward to developing my own applications!

Life in a day

MS: Tell us about a typical day at Moringa School

HE: Classes start at 9.00 AM and end at 6.00 PM, under normal circumstances that would be very boring. However, with all that we have to learn in class, it’s amazing how time flies! I often stay behind after class up to 10.00 PM daily, as long as I’m able to write a little bit more lines of code.

MS: Is there anything you would like to build at the end of your time at Moringa School?

HE: Yes! I came here with the intention of creating an application that would alert you when KPLC or the water company in your county is looking to ration supply.It’s quite frustrating when you miss these updates, since they are only shared via newspapers. I’m also hoping to develop a game or two.

MS: What’s the most fun thing that has happened to you at Moringa so far?

HE: We had a party on our second Friday night in Moringa School, I had lots of fun dancing and playing charades! That was really cool.

MS: What would you tell anyone looking to apply at Moringa School?

HE: When applying to Moringa school you should really take the application process seriously. Applicants are required to go through pre-determined coding tutorials that not only increase your chances of having a successful interview but also give you a head start in your first few weeks at Moringa School. Plus, be prepared to doubt yourself half of the time you will be here but remain calm at all times.


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