Junior Moringa School – Your first step to a great future in technology.

On July 21st, we officially welcomed our inaugural class of Junior Moringa School! This is a new initiative aimed at anyone interested in learning how to code but doesn’t know where to start. It’s been a productive and fruitful first week and here’s what one of the students had to say:

“It’s been an awesome first week, I had a little bit of a rocky start but the instructors are really helpful and quick to provide much needed help. I’m quite confident around Ruby now and it feels awesome! Moringa School was definitely a great choice.”

Lilian Wangechi has a background in accounting and auditing  and is currently working at a local audit firm. She believes technology is the next big thing and feels it’s vital to learn at least the basics of programming no matter what your background is.

Junior Moringa School was inspired by our desire to ensure no one is left out. Programming is not just for software engineers or players in the technology industry, but for anybody who’s looking to stretch themselves and their mind, to learn news ways of thinking and to be different. We believe that in today’s world, everybody needs to learn at least the basics of programming.

Getting started on your own can be quite a challenge to a complete beginner. It may take longer to learn the basics, you may make avoidable mistakes and you might not learn the best practices. That’s why we created Junior Moringa School.

Coding is fun and having an exciting introductory experience is key to starting a successful programming career. With a fun, comfortable  environment and supportive instructors, Junior Moringa School is designed to accelerate your passion in programming and is designed to give you a shot at a great future in technology.

Junior Moringa School

Taking that first step is all that’s required and we want to make that first step worth your while. Reach out to us to learn more at admissions@moringashool.com

Our next Junior Moringa School class runs from August 3-14. Learn more here.

Happy Hacking!

Moringa School Team


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