JavaScript The Right Script

By Peter Muturi, Moringa School Student

Well, it’s been two weeks that we have been learning and getting into serious coding about JavaScript. The first couple of days while diving into Underscore.js, I really felt like I was banging my head against the wall, trying to break through to the other side and see the light (understand JavaScript basics). Yeah, eventually I cracked the wall open, and it was even quite easy having done personal work over the weekend about Javascript, through Code Academy.

It got even cooler when we started doing toy problems (codewars). Basically just don’t get cranky if your code doesn’t run, especially, when you can’t see your error. Keep calm and think of a different strategy to go about  the challenges. Can’t wait for the friday party. 🙂 Well, I’m actually more excited to starting Android next week! :D. Keep calm and debug.