It’s all coming together.

By John Munyi, Moringa School Student

It’s been an eventful 2 weeks getting started on the in and outs of  JS (Javascript).  If I mix up the use of words like events and listening as I write this blog, blame it on JS.

2 weeks is actually a very long time when you spend about 14 hours of each day researching and learning about a topic. That is exactly how the last 14 days have been. Started of easy prepping into the underscore JS library and things have gotten quite serious at this point; but Andrew, the visiting instructor – a former Hack Reactor student – has really drilled and taught us how to crack things open the hard way. “If you hit your head against the wall 9 times of the 10th time, the wall finally cracks open and you get through!” That has been the mantra for getting through the days.

Of the 2 weeks, the last 7 days have been fun. A lot of stuff started coming together and all the HTML and CSS from the first week now has some action on it.  Javascript is way more powerful than I thought and now week 4 is just about to begin. We pop the hood and get tinkering with things like backend Java and Android. That means Frank Tamre is back …. oh oh !!

More updates to follow and definitely some cool web app hosted somewhere on Heroku. I promise to comeback with an link to the App.


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