By Valentine Rutto, Moringa School Student

Ever watch a movie and then 2hrs later, you wonder, “Wait, what was the movie about?” Well, that was me for 2yrs in university supposedly pursuing a computer science degree. Ever since I was introduced to computers a couple of years back, I have been very interested in pretty much everything that technology has to offer. I used to attend all Dev-fest’s and talks, but always felt like I did not belong. Everyone seemed to have found their area of interest. So, I set out to figure out what I really like and voilà – I realized that my passion lies in using technology to make a difference in our daily lives – even if its just my “ka-“ small village in westpokot county.

When I started Googling bootcamps that offer front-end and back-end development classes, the results were unfruitful. It was either I had delayed applying or it was done a few months back. I started getting depressed and more lethargic in my classwork. One night in May 2015,  as i was posting on my blog, I looked at the reader feeds and there it was: Moringa School. I viewed the student comments and immediately went to their website and applied for the June full-time classes.

I was sent an email and later some work to be done before the interview. I studied so hard for it that I had to reduce my 6 day b-ball practice to 2 days a week. In my mind, I was like I have to get in no matter what. After getting my admission email, I did not wait a minute to forward my deferral letter to my school administration.  Here I am, writing to you as a Moringa School student, and love learning interesting things every minute of the day. I guess its true what they say “..not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves”.

The environment of the school itself motivates you to work hard and be at the top of this field. The school schedule is very intense but believe me, I do not notice it. I have always hated waking up early and loved being on my phone. It’s unbelievable that I make it in time for my 9am classes or that I am always excited to go to school or that I only use my phone for 30mins during the day.  Moringa School has this effect on me that it gets me so excited to get to school and not want to leave at night. Generally this is the best decision I have ever made.