Just Getting Started

By John Munyi, Moringa School Student

Interestingly, it’s already Friday and I am not really looking forward to a restful weekend. Oh wait a minute, scratch that. It’s a formula 1 weekend and I am not really looking forward to petrol heads talk and starring at the TV. I have loads of learning and coding practice lined up all weekend. Before actually joining MS, the pre-course work looked a bit of an overkill, but trust me on this – you will never be over prepared for a coding bootcamp. But on the flip side, as long as I can get some bootstrap going, it’s all fine with me. I will re-unite with the petrol heads after the next 11 weeks to pop the champagne, maybe. Meanwhile, keep calm and learn really cool stuff.

In summary: the last 5 days have been quite busy and a bit of getting accustomed to longer working hours and shorter sleeping hours. They call it a sign of things to come – I wonder how it will be when the ‘real stuff’ is ON. On average, I would say I have about 50 clean lines of code committed to Github in a day and to me, that’s progress.

This has been the de-mystifying week; CSS & HTML is not boring at all. You can actually accomplish a lot of cool front-end stuff with both. For next week, we dive into JavaScript, yes! Exactly that, putting some more action into it. Time check 6:52pm and that sums up my week so far.


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