GETTING TO MS; The Journey.

by Osuka Andala, Moringa School Student

Hi, there. My name is Osuka Andala. I am a Graduate Engineer in mechatronic systems and a code enthusiast. I first heard about Moringa School through my friend Killah – yeah, that’s his name – who is friends with Faith, then a student in the second cohort. I had mentioned to him that I would love to learn how to code and he told me what Faith had told him – that Moringa was a cool place to do that. I couldn’t just take their word for it so he emailed me a link to the website.
You know those pages that just get you clicking on everything? The design for Moringa School is really awesome and got me immediately interested. Beautiful, exciting, interactive, yet simple. The good kind of simple. It had me hovering over every link, reading every single word. Especially the blog section where students posted about their own experiences at the school. I have wanted my own site for a very long time and I wanted one exactly just like the one I was looking at. Who best to teach me how to make a website than the person who made this one?
I wanted to apply immediately but I thought to consult with my dad first before making that big decision. Being the supportive person that he always is, he said, “If you like it, you have a passion for it and you are ready to put in the effort, go for it!” With that, I clicked on “Apply”, filled in the boxes (even with my almost zero experience in web development) and clicked on submit.
Almost immediately, I received an email thanking me for applying and some links to where I was supposed to learn a bit of Ruby, attempt a test on Ruby and submit within a week. After that, I would get invited to the one-on-one interview. This never happens when applying to any school in Kenya so that’s when it dawned on me that “S**t just got real.”
Excited and nervous at the same time, I dived into the challenge, got to a place where I felt comfortable enough to submit my answer and waited. When I got my invite for the interview, my confidence level was at a new high. I was all pumped and ready, a bit too pumped I might add. I even arrived to the interview a whole hour early.
When the time came, I have never felt more nervous in my entire life. Except that one time when I do speak publicly, but that is a story for another day. Benoy and Ian were really calm and nice the entire time but I was going crazy. I kept on getting my codes wrong – I was uncertain most of the time and kept asking for help that by the time I was leaving, I was sure I had flunked the whole thing. I didn’t check my email for 24 hours, which is a big deal.
By 48 hrs, I knew the email was never going to arrive and when it finally did some four days later, Footloose had nothing on me.
Asking a thousand questions is a good thing after all.

It’s been just four days and it has been surreal. Code is really deep stuff. I may be slow, but when it gets in, it stays in. This should be fun.


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