By Sylvia Kieha, Moringa School Student

Hello people, Sylvia here. Student of Moringa School cohort 3. I am three things right now on the last day of the first week at Moringa School:

1. Filled with knowledge.

2. Excited.

3. Exhausted.

Let me elaborate:

First, I have learnt so much this week that I am amazed. For the things I thought I knew – it turns out there is A WHOLE LOT MORE TO IT. Second, I am excited because I know there is so much more to learn in the coming 11 weeks. And I look forward to it. Third, I am exhausted!! In this one week, I have slept an average of 5 hours a night. But the thing is, I don’t even want to sleep, because of the excitement (I know, weird, right…)

All in all, after all is said and done, I’m pretty sure Moringa School is the place for me. Wish me luck!