Crawl and then Run!

By Hilary Egesa, Moringa School Student

If you were to ask me how my first week at Moringa School was, I would probably confuse you. I do not really know whether to say that it has been the best or it has been one of my worst weeks in my life. Here is the thing- when I was preparing myself psychologically to come to this place, I was thinking along the lines of, I will work hard and things will take care of themselves. Little did I know that hard work is not enough.

Let me break it down for you. In our normal 8-4-4 system of education, the most hard working among us did succeed most of the time. You know why? Well, we had a whole lot of time to consume relatively small chunks of knowledge before the next test. But not at Moringa School. Moringa School is like the Savannah, you are forced to run immediately after you are born! The things we were to make appear on our browsers from HTML and CSS codes within a week in a “normal” school would done after three months, if it is a serious college by our Kenyan standards.

If you have ever watched HBO’s “The Wire” season three, there is an episode where Stinger is being given advice by Senator Clay Davis. Davis tells the money laundering drug dealer that for things to happen in a politically connected world, you have to “Crawl, walk and then run”. However the drug dealer disagrees and says he is ready to run. Well, Moringa School has a “Stinger” set of mind. We do not do drugs here, but that street form of aggression in the pursuit for knowledge is a necessity.

Why is hard work not enough? Well I tried it. I have been watching YouTube tutorials and reading relevant pdfs left, right and center until late everyday before I go home this week. However in the world of programming, the outcome you want out of the lines of code you write rarely comes through. So despite my hard work I have been frustrated this week. But I have learnt that you also need heart to make it, because on the flip side, when you are trying things out that are not creating the features you want from a program, you are learning how those things work! Either way, this system of education makes you a better developer – the more your project gives you sleepless nights.