Moringa School 3rd Cohort off to a great start!

On June 29th, Moringa School officially welcomed our 3rd cohort. The 12 students range from recent high school graduates to students midway through university to working developers. So far, our cohort has been off to a great start! Audrey Cheng and Frank Tamre (Moringa School co-founders) held an orientation session on Monday, where students learned more about Moringa School, our values and expectations, met the team and learned fun facts about each other – a great way to break the ice.  This week, they’ve been building websites and accelerating their HTML5/CSS3 skills.

Moringa Cohort 3Moringa Cohort 3Moringa Cohort 3Moringa School Cohort 3

We look forward to seeing what our new class will achieve as they start their journey towards becoming world class developers. We pride ourselves for our sense of community and in line with that, we plan to share all the exciting events that will happen over the next 12 weeks. To get us started is the “life in day series” where students will share their experience at Moringa School. You’ll get to learn what it’s like to be part of Moringa School. Make sure you follow our blog at

We will share more information about this exciting project in the coming weeks, so please follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to stay up to date with all the happenings around Moringa School!

Interested in becoming a world class developer in just 12 weeks? Apply here and look here for more information. Send us an email today at with any questions.


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