Halfway there

By Faith Muli, Moringa School Student

It’s been exactly seven weeks since I enrolled at Moringa School. For me, the ride has been nothing short of exciting while maneuvering every curve, and yes, I have learnt so much while going through a roller-coaster of emotions at the school. Nevertheless, I cherish every Michelin moment, the times I rolled with no rubber on my rims, and even the times I had no choice but to rev up my footsubishi.

Here is a brief summary of my six weeks at Moringa:

Weeks 1&2
After reaching the six week milestone at Moringa, I can openly admit that the first two weeks were by far the “easiest” so far. I am not saying that there wasn’t much learning going on but what we did then feels like burying a body in the US (Meaning – super easy)! Right now, everything is like burying a body in Africa- you need a pickaxe and a team of six rugby players to convincingly scratch the earth here.

Weeks 3&4
These were the two weeks that I walked through the valley of the shadow of confusion. I woke up one morning and found Uhuru had already built a standard gauge railway for Ruby (haha! Nerd joke).  Java became Android and UX, well UX did not change much. Nevertheless, Moringa pulled me out of the darkness and this little engine that could, did.

Weeks 5&6
These last two weeks have been rather exhausting. The hardest part was trying to assimilate all the new concepts, as well as finishing up the digital pile of assignments which grow tougher with every new concept we learn .
These last two weeks have been, like always, a great learning experience and they set the pace for the few weeks that follow when we get to create something on our own from everything we have learnt so far.

I am excited  about the next few weeks, I am sure building something from scratch will be a great experience even though I’m slightly anxious about the outcome.

I cant wait to start my second phase of the Moringa School program!