Project Weeks

By John Karanja, Moringa School Student

Week 7 of being at Moringa School is coming to an end. Technically, it ended on Friday, but for Moringa School students there is no such thing as a Monday-Friday schedule and rest on weekends. We do get a bit of rest, but most of us are in school on the weekends and those who are not, are still working from home. Sometimes we actually do spend the night in school- I’ve spent the night in school twice now. And those nights have really been productive. I’m able to get a lot of work done, because there aren’t any distractions and there is a really huge drive to get a lot of work done, because you are sacrificing your sleep.

Teaching ended week 6 and from weeks 7 to 10, we are working on group and personal projects. From week 7 onwards, it’s time for us to apply what we have learnt the last six weeks. For week 7, we are in groups and we were tasked with coming up with an idea and building an Android and web app for it. Both apps are due Monday morning of week 8. Frank’s deadlines make us laugh because they seem unrealistic at the time assignments are given. Each group had to pitch their idea to Frank, Benoy (our instructor from Hack Reactor) and the entire class. And in the process, each idea was critiqued, some ideas were scrapped, others improved on and questions were asked. This really helps when you hear what other people think. During this process, each team comes up with a MVP to have built by Monday. And each team has a team name. Our team is called team-J. Because all four members first names start with the letter J. (John,John,James and Justus) Coincidence or fate?
The aim of group projects – apart from applying what we have learnt – is to learn how to work in teams. No one ever works alone in the workplace. Another thing is learning how to work under pressure, especially when you have short deadlines – sometimes unrealistic deadlines. This is the beauty of Moringa School. We are taught practical things that happen out there in the real world and when we finally leave this place we won’t be strangers to them.