By Faith Muli, Moringa School Student

Do you know that feeling you get when nothing in the entirety of your life makes any sense? If you have had these feeling before, then you are just like me… well, just like me before I discovered Moringa School.

This is more than an introduction of myself to you. It’s an odyssey through trails etched by code that until recently painted the path least traveled for me.

Ever since I learnt how to use a computer many years ago, the god of code (That Tron guy) kept throwing hints at me that I was born of the matrix. My fingers are even long, thin and fast. A mutation maybe but I like to go with “I evolved into this”. Sadly, I kept taking the blue pill every time I got to that fork in the road and I found myself in the Engineering world.

You see, code has given me purpose. A reason to wake up every morning and wade through Nairobi’s morning traffic for three hours to get to my happy place, a seat at Moringa School.

I think it’s the freedom that comes with every new method you learn. Or the power you wield with every new function you build. Maybe the simplicity that comes with a loop. Any of these is enough to trigger a deep love (just a tad short of addiction) for programming.

With every passing minute at Moringa, I feel like Super Maria gathering coin because I get my life levelled up when I get to a thousand. I feel at home at Moringa School and every day is a learning day. I do what I love and I love what I do. I love the teaching techniques at Moringa and I’d want everyone learning anything to experience the quality of learning at this school. Moringa School is not your traditional school; it is very different from the ordinary 8-4-4 system of Kenyan education that I have gone through. In Moringa I have actually learnt by doing; writing and building programs by myself. Of course I have received plenty of help from the teachers and my fellow cohorts, this has made the learning experience to be easier and fun.

A few weeks from this moment (11AM on 4th April), I will be a code guru (okay guru may be exaggeration) but I am pretty sure that my coding skills would have greatly advanced. I’m sure I can’t be anything short of that now that I am at Moringa School.

Well, I belong to the source now and my basic needs have changed. Eat, code, sleep, repeat…. Sometimes no sleep…


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