Another bold step forward…

By Felix Too, Moringa School Student

It’s now close to two weeks at MS and I can say it exceeded my expectations in almost every aspect. The experience here is different, fulfilling and quantifiable. It might seem a bit exaggerated but once you here, you can attest to this.

Of course the comparison is with my experience in college. I studied Software Engineering, and without any skepticism, while at MS, I am at the right place at the best time. Having worked at a fast paced environment for the past year, I decided with my employer that it was time to add a twist to my career. It was a normal working day earlier this year when I was summoned and offered the opportunity to study at MS fully sponsored. Mark you, it was a choice I was to make. It wasn’t mandatory. I was to give feedback a few weeks later, but I decided to give it back at that moment.

I knew Hack Reactor before, and when I learnt that MS adopts their model and even instructors from them, I had no room to think about the opportunity, because I knew I was joining a world class, different and an invaluable kind of school.

Okay, let’s get to how it is here. I remember clearly on the first day, the instructors took the shortest time introducing themselves and so did we. Then they dived into the course work like they were already out of time. One thing I noticed here is that time is one of the major resources utilized with strict attention- I mean accurately strict. The instructors are not only oozing with immense knowledge in their fields but also their techniques of teaching is extraordinary. The way complex and ‘scary’ topics in Software Engineering are introduced and taught is just amazing. Again I should say, that while here, the concept implementation is all yours as the student. This is a powerful ignition in a field like this, giving people an opportunity to solve the problem their own way.

I know I will still write a much more detailed and categorical article. I was a bit confused on this one, on where to touch on or not. But at the end of this course, it’s certain that I will deeply appreciate the opportunity which is actually more invaluable than I thought.



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