My days 10 at moringa school

By John Karanja, Moringa School Student

I’ve been at Moringa School for 10 days now, and have learned that when Moringa School describes their school as an INTENSIVE 12 week program, they mean in it! The first day for many schools is normally a slow day- there won’t be too much work done or given out. But not at Moringa School! Here, on the first day, we get to know each other and learn about the school for about 2 hours and then dive right into the basics of web design. For the first few days, we made a few simple websites. Then we blasted off with Bootstrap, a framework that creates responsive website really quickly. In less than a week, I learned Bootstrap, something that I always thought would take me a while to learn. I’m not saying I’m an expert at Bootstrap now. But I can now use it well and understand how it works. The reason I was able to learn and use it in a few days is because of Frank (our rockstar Android, Java and web-design instructor). He showed us its capabilities, who’s applied it and all the awesome sites made using Bootstrap. And he’s challenged us to make awesome websites henceforth that can look as good if not better than the featured sites he showed us. By seeing what has been done and what’s possible, there’s a real desire to make quality products that can compete not just locally but internationally.

I’ve learned so much material these past 10 days and here is an outline of what is taught here at Moringa School. All taught by awesome rockstar instructors!!

  • HTML & CSS

I know you’re thinking: how can you possibly learn all this in 12 weeks? I’ll be honest- the work is a lot. We have to go through a lot of material and we don’t get much sleep. But I know that to be good at anything, you really need to put in a lot of work and persevere while also enjoying the process.

I took a break from university to attend Moringa School and comparing what I’ve learnt after two years at university and what I’ve learned at Moringa School in the last 8 days, I can confidently say I’ve learnt a lot more relevant, useful and practical skills that I need in order to work in this tech industry. In only 8 days at Moringa School, I’ve created 2 websites using Bootstrap, made an Android app, done user research, etc. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and asked strangers questions for UX and I’ve learnt Java and Ruby programming languages. For the first time, I actually like school! For me to actually attend this program, I told my parents I would go back to university after the 12 weeks here, but if all goes well after the 12 weeks, I might be extending my break indefinitely.

Another awesome thing about Moringa School is every Friday we have pizza and a guest speaker from the tech industry come and talk to us about their experiences. Last week, we had Huston Malende and David Kuria from (who are definitely the best web designers in Kenya!!) come and speak to us. And  their story was really inspiring because like everyone in class, they were self-taught. It just shows what hard work, belief, persistence and imagination can do.

I could go on and on about how awesome Moringa School is and how intense the last 10 days have been but I have a ton of assignments to do so: Goodbye and remember if  “you’re sleeping 8 hours there is something wrong with you”.


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