Training by fire

By Ian Munene, Moringa School Student

So one week has elapsed since the second cohort begun at MS. The change in learning intake has been immense. Steel is one of the stronger elements found in the world. That may be the reason it is so frequently used in structures around the world. In order for steel to attain its status it has to be put through a furnace. In a way, I feel like MS is the furnace. Quacky analogy?! Apologies… I have built more in the one week than I probably did in my entire campus school work. That, I think, sheds light on the work culture that is being instilled at MS. As I look back to the first day at Moringa School, I can’t help but laugh at the contortions on our faces when Frank (one of the instructors), gave us an entire site to build by the following day. I was shocked and I believed it (then) impossible.

One week down the line, we all did a self-assessment website in a little under 2-hours and pushed the changes to Github, which none of us had any clue about at the start. It always feels like you have something to do even after school. Free time has become a myth. Well I had to mention that before diving into the subject of this blog post: to highlight the differences between MS and campus.

I completed university back in December and I can confirm that job hunting is tough when practical skills are low. One week into the MS program and you can see the emphasis placed on acquiring practical skills. Campus life on the other hand places emphasis on passing exams and good grades. Now, don’t get me wrong, good grades are terrific, but without skills to reinforce them, they are useless. MS reinforces knowledge in that new knowledge acquired will be thoroughly tested in the form of projects, mini-projects (NB: there is no difference) and take-home work. I listened to a cohort-one graduate who said that once you put in the work, success will find you which is a message that is frequently echoed by all our instructors. This gives me hope as I fumble in the dark with the languages I am learning in week two. Maybe after several weeks/days, I might just locate the light switch.

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