Never Give Up On Your Goal: Moringa School Experience

By Margaret Sitati, Moringa School Student

I usually get weekly newsletters from iHub and for one I received in January, it was not so different. As I went through the articles, I came across one that said there was going to be a workshop for HTML and CSS offered by Moringa School and that really caught my attention. Going to the Moringa School website, I was really impressed to see that they offer web and Android development in their full-time course because one of my goals for the year was to have learned Android development and be a rock star. I quickly went through the website to find out the qualification and procedure for applying and wasn’t disappointed.

I quickly applied and was sent a link on Codecademy to go through a few Ruby units. Then, I was called for an interview. I went through it and successfully qualified. The major challenge after was getting the fee and also being able to convince my parents that the school is not quack but are very serious in what they deliver. Many people–including friends–really discouraged me from joining, but deep inside me, I felt that this is the place to be. Comments like, “You can teach yourself these things”, “continue searching for a job” etc were common. Thank God I gave a deaf ear to all.

I am now happy and not regretting the decision I made. I have learned a lot of things for the two weeks we have been here. To be honest, I have realized and accepted that I know very little and am ready to be taught how to fly. I feel that by the end of week twelve, I won’t be fearing to fly anymore but will actually fly. Writing good code will be the beginning of my journey as software developer. Having gone through the Kenyan system of education, I must say the experience is way beyond what I expected! I believe that with persistence and passion that I began with, it will take me to greater heights. Nothing is going to stop me from pursuing what I love most. Things right now are not that easy because at times I get to work overnight to be able to catch up with the rest but one thing I know is that it is not in vain!

Eagerly waiting for week twelve!


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