Hello World!

I am John Owuor and I want to be a developer. I previously had a job I didn’t enjoy. I ditched it. It has been 8 days in this boot camp. On more than three occasions now I have looked back at that job with longing. Here’s the deal, get to the office at 9am, do a few briefs here and there, take 10 coffee breaks, lounge, go for lunch and come back to gossip at the water dispenser, play (or watch) foosball, lounge some more and frantically close my browser tabs pointed to facebook and youtube when my supervisor walks by… Check out at exactly 16:59 hrs and merrily skip my way home.

I didn’t expect to extend my holiday to this place but reality seems to be coming  too hard and too fast. I have had to learn to pay continuous attention all over again and I might be having sleepless nights soon. I also get to think through everything I do a lot more as there are no bare minimum deliverables any more as has been the norm. Turns out the scope of the projects I undertake here are defined only by my imagination, which is a good thing.

I prefer to detach my sentiments from my objectives and the efforts I make to achieve said objectives. It however is slowly becoming apparent that at some moments I will have to depend solely on my pride so as not to become the one that gave up and dropped out. I hope it never comes to that.

The difference between this course and the others that I have attended is that this teaches you to do while the others teach you to know. As such preparation is key for each class. When preparing for a class I find out about new concepts then get to apply and manipulate them during class.

Many assignments are issued and they all have equal priority. It feels overwhelming every now and then. I expect this to intensify. I expect to feel like abandoning everything and running away. I hope that in such moments I will remember the feeling of despair and being trapped that I experienced when I first applied to attend the program and gave up on it as I didn’t have a sponsor to put me through the course. I hope that in such moments I remember that this is something I actually wanted and experienced a feeling of loss when I couldn’t have it.

See you on the other side.




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