From Classroom to the Real World: Maramoja

by Diana Wanjuhi, Moringa School Student

Moringa School has been a wonderful experience. Sure, the hours were long and the work intense, but in retrospect, that pales in comparison to what I have achieved. I have built something out, learned how to work collaboratively and presented my work for critique by other developers.

All in all I can see progress. Disclaimer: the classroom is vastly different from the world of work, where results are the yardstick by which your skills are measured. This week marked a new chapter in my Moringa journey:  I started interning at Maramoja.

Maramoja is a Kenya’s first socially powered taxi app. It is a growing company with a big vision.

The company has been very accommodating and after four days here I can confidently say it is a great place to work. The team is very passionate about the mission. (It also helps that they are really smart people). There is a lot to do, as is true of any startup. The work is challenging and exciting in equal measure. I have had to learn JavaScript and Nodejs, none of which were part of my tech stack at the beginning of the week. However, the beauty of learning a new language is in the fact that the learning curve flattens on each attempt.

Here are three key lessons I have taken away from my week-long career as a software engineer:

-Embrace your inner nerd: Programming is a fun, creative profession. Enjoy your work and enjoy the validation that is your code executing as it is supposed to

-Communicate: ask for help where you need it, and make sure you are clear on exactly what your task is

-Planning: It might be tempting to sit down in front of your computer and get started on writing code, but it is more valuable to really map out what you would like to do before getting started.

Here’s to my first week at Maramoja and to what I know will be exciting times ahead with them.

PS: Haven’t tried out the service yet? Download the app here, request a ride and get where you need to go conveniently and at pocket-friendly prices.